2-2-2 Extra Alarm Fire

Rochester Firefighters responded early this morning for multiple calls reporting a house fire on South Goodman St. Engine 1 went on location with heavy flames from the rear of a large 2 1/2 wood frame. Rescue 11 went on location, assumed command and reported a working fire in a 2 1/2. Command requested an ambulance for a firefighter with an injured leg. Battalion 2 assumed command and confirmed a working fire in a large 2 1/2  on the “C” side second floor. Command requested a second alarm which brought Engine 12, 9 and Truck 6. Command ordered everybody out of the structure to hit the fire from the outside. Engine 7 and 8 were special called to the scene to assist. Gates provided a fill in to Truck 5 while Henrietta provided a fill in to Engine 8. Three firefighters were injured along with one civilian. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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Photos by Richard Loucks